Process for Donating Stock

If your stockbroker will take a verbal request, everything you should need to tell them is listed below.  Your brokerage may require you to fill out a transfer form, or a letter of instruction, which will show your account information (Name, Account number, Stock Symbol, # of Shares) as well as the Haiti Share, Inc. information shown below.

Be sure to note the date your brokerage transferred the stock, and the Hi & Lo prices for the stock on that day.  The average of those two numbers, times the number of shares, determines the FMV of your donation - the amount you can deduct.  If you have any questions, read IRS Publication 561.  It really is an easy process!

Information for your stockbroker:
Organization Name: Haiti Share, Inc.
Tax ID: 75-3259517
Brokerage Name: Charles Schwab
DTC (Depository Trust Company): # 0164 CODE 40
Haiti Share's Charles Schwab Account: # 6525-0036
Let us know when you have transferred the stock.